Who would actually need Personal Development Coaching?

May be you have attended seminars to strengthen your personal management and leadership skills. Eventually you have read books about motivating employees, managing your time, work-life-balance and living in the now. Question: On a scale from 1-10, how much of this valuable knowledge could you integrate into your daily life? You may agree that developing …

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Balance vs. Imbalance

  Applied Kinesiology is a holistic health method that synthesizes western chiropractic, Chinese medicine and mental coaching. Its goal is to balance the physical, emotional and mental equilibrium and to activate the body’s inner energy and self-healing processes. Balance Imbalance When your system is in balance the neurovascular communication between your brain and your body …

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Inspiration – From Vision to Reality

This short movie shows impressively, how an emotionally inspired vision enables kids to overcome obstacles, being creative, having great ideas and reaching goals. Enjoy and I wish you a lot of inspiration!

Emotional coaching (1)

Sometimes learning and training additional skills just doesn’t help to get better on certain tasks. For instance, if you are afraid of an upcoming exam or presentation you will feel anxiety and nervousness that may reduce your ability to be brilliant.

Are you stressed?

Are you stressed? Everybody experiences stress. Stress is a natural respond of our body to challenges, pressure and tension. If the amount of stress we are experiencing is getting too high and we are in a state of emergency all the time, our body reacts with symptoms that can make us suffer severely and even …

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